The FPM – “Flex Pressing Machine” is a robotic solution developed by ITF for valve guide and seat pressing operations with the addition of a Tightening Unit. The machine is design accordingly to the different customer process and specification. The standard system of cylinder head valve seat/guide pressing can be integrated with a Barrel assembly. The FPM machine is able to process different cylinder heads type (different diameters), an identification through a Barcode/2D Datamatrix reader, is applied while the code will be recognized read by the PLC that automatically select the process for the Robot to execute the right parts positioning on the servo press unit and tightening unit. As standard an operator will take care about the cylinder head/barrel loading/unloading, feed the servo-press unit with the valve seat/guide for the intake/exhaust. As option the parts arrive via power zone to the system cell and the operation will turn into complete automatic one, including feeders for valve seat and guide. A Robot will pick-up the cylinder head/barrel to be processed from the “loading/unloading area” where the parts are located in dedicated fixtures in order to give the robot the accuracy and repeatability on the pick-up phase and unloading phase.

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