These systems allow to process parts directly on board the work islands avoiding costly packing and transport operations. The transfer of the pieces takes place thanks to a transfer system with rotating satellites operated by a mechanical rotating table which guarantees satellite positioning at loading / unloading. Considerable flexibility in the change of customized piece holders and a possible repositioning of the spray and blowing ramps that allows a total retooling of the system in a very short time (15 min). In addition to the LPS TR systems, they allow the rotation of the satellite on its vertical axis and the integration of the cycle in the rinsing phase.

  • Elimination of packaging costs and transport costs
  • Re-equipment of the plant in a very short time
  • Number of satellites to be chosen
  • Customized systems

These plants are fit for the treatment, with aqueous detergent solutions, of:

  • Critical machined partsd (cock bodies, automatic actuators, burner bodies, water meters, a.s.o.);
  • Delicate parts with dead holes (friction flywheels, valve bodies, gas on-off valves, a.s.o.);
  • Pieces placed on automatic assembly lines for which is requested a perfect washing, blowing and drying process;
  • Hydraulic, pneumatic multichannel distributors;
  • Others.
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