I.T.F. developed a serie of dust collectors suitable not only for shotblasting machines but also for other industrial sectors.
The welding construction is designed in order to have a fully accessibility to the filtering chamber. The chamber contains maximum two lines of cartridges, in order to simplify the maintenance operations and to avoid the fully entrance of the operator inside of chamber (safety and healthy process). The welding construction integrate a calm chamber in order to separate the heavy dust from the air before the cartridges (to have less stress of the cartridges themselves). Below the chamber a serie of hoppers are placed (with high inclination of the slopes in order to help the dust falling). At the end of each hopper it is possible to place a collecting box, a rotary valve with big bag (in case of high dust production) or a screw conveyor (in order to collect all the dust in a common point).

The filtering elements are cartridges with special design in order to have an high filtering surface. Each cartridge has a dedicated compressed air tank on the top, in order to optimize the cleaning process. The cleaning grade is checked by a differential pressure switch that control the difference of pressure before and after the cartridges. Over a selectable pressure limit, the cleaning process takes place. The compressed air hit the surface and the dust fall into the lower hopper. Over a specific limit (bigger than the previous one), the machine generates an alarm and the machine stops (the cartridges are clogged and must be changed).

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