Shotpeening machine type PP8SC-DR-BO is suitable for automatic shotpeening of cylindrical parts (shafts, pipes, axles…) thanks to the rolling device installed on the loading trolley. The equipment is designed with a main trolley that permit the loading/unloading process outside the cabin. The entrance/exit of the trolley into/out to the chamber is automatic (motor-driven). The cylindrical parts are placed on horizontal rotating device with rotation control. The nozzles are placed on a special holder to focus the peening process on the part (without flow intersections). On the roof of the cabin, a single axle gantry permits the movement of the nozzles (stroke 3.000 mm). A double pressure vessel with Magnavalves permits a continuous process without interruptions and with an accurate flow control.


Shotblasting machines with rotating satellites type PTR-S-R are designed to treat sensitive parts in singularly mode with any kind of shots. The nozzles are managed by a robot. The machine is equipped with a main indexed table that permits the entrance/exit of the parts into/out to the blasting chamber. The main table is equipped with 2 or 4 satellites; each partition is divided by a wall to prevent media leakage and noise escape in the operator’s area. One station is dedicated for loading/unloading, while another one (opposite to the loading area) is dedicated to the blasting/peening process. The nozzles are driven by a robot. The number of nozzles is defined according to the loading volume, the production rate and the geometry of the pieces. This machine is usefully for manual loading/unloading operation but it can be also equipped with an automatic handling device according to the process line request (2-axis gantry, robot…). Pressure technology is installed on such equipment with a double pressure vessel in order to guarantee the continuous shot flow without interruptions. Each pressure vessel exit could be equipped with Magnetic Valves for shot flow check. The machine can be equipped with up to three robots for peening.

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