The scope of supply is a machine with different deburring technologies such as: brushing, deburring with tools, high pressure deburring. The need to use this technology is the demand for an ever-increasing accuracy on the final washing, both of the external surfaces, but above all of the internal ones where shavings and burrs from blind holes, pockets, corners, etc. must be removed from the pieces. The proposed system has a high flexibility of deburring and washing and is able to clean a wide variety of parts, the design of the pliers can grasp different parts and place them on different tool walls, mainly for: Brushing, deburring ; hydrokinetic washing, high-pressure water jet deburring, final washing and re-washing phases (rinsing) positioned. This machine is a hybrid between the ROBOTFLEX and I ROBOTOOL models, in fact, while in some stations the pieces are moved by the robots towards the tools, in other stations it is the tools mounted on the wrist of the robot that affect the pieces. The vacuum drying and final cooling of the parts take place outside the proposed modular machine, on the ITF standard conveyors called “Composyl” (PZR – Power Zone Roll-conveyor). In the last station there is also a washing station for the pallet. Inside the RAF cell there are index positions for both loading and unloading to ensure a fixed and repetitive position over time such as pick-up and drop-off stations for the piece.

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