The plant in question is intended for washing, high-pressure deburring for the removal of pendulous burrs, rinsing and drying of mechanically processed pieces. The loading and unloading of pieces will take place with your operator performed manually, it is possible to load and unload with your automatic aid (robot, pick ‘n place) as the conveyor is equipped with indexes at the two loading and unloading stations. The washing and drying cycle takes place exclusively within a single plant with the aid of an IP67 anthropomorphic robot and a step-by-step linear conveyor, which has the task of moving the pieces being treated from one station to another for all. the process stations. The pieces reach the treatment stations on floating pallets, designed to contain and expose them to the treatment phases. This type of conveyor allows a quick change of production due only to the replacement of pallets. Furthermore, in case of use of floating pallets for the interlocking line, in co-design with the automation company it is possible to integrate the washing system within the runways of the flexible pallet system, eliminating costs. purchase robot.

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