The purpose of this machine is to clean and degrease the surfaces of the pieces, as well as to detach contaminants from blind and through holes, pockets, anchors, interior and exterior surfaces of the details. This plant is designed for washing, high pressure flushing, rinsing and drying. Loading and unloading will take place with operator or your automation system. The plant is also characterized by its extreme flexibility for the cleaning of the pieces without the reassembly of its washing jets. The flexibility of this system allows it to wash parts of complex shape and workmanship. The washing and drying cycle is carried out exclusively within a single plant with the aid of an anthropomorphic IP67 robot and a step – by – step linear conveyor driven by a gearmotor, which has the task of handling the parts being treated, moving them from process station to process station. The HP washing and drying process usually starts with front loading and unloading: two adjacent but separate positions that can still be configurable as needed. The HP washing process is made up from a robotic plant, with different working chambers placed vertically by creating a compact working space. The robot will insert and extract the part numbers to be processed within the various treatment lances. For drying, a vacuum process outside the robot process chamber is employed. This type of conveyor allows a quick change of production due only to the replacement of pallets. In addition, when using floating pallets for the liner production line, in co-design with the automation company, it is also possible to integrate the washing plant inside the flexible pallet system.

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