The goal with the creation of RAF (RobotAutoFlex) machine is to achieve a single unit enclosing multiple deburring technologies such as: brushing, deburring with tools, high pressure deburring. A machine capable of more and more flexibility and precision is our answer to the industry demand for ever increasing accuracy on the final washing, on the outside surfaces, but especially on the inside surfaces such as blind holes, pockets, angles, etc. .. The proposed system has a high degree of flexibility in deburring and washing and is able to clean a wide variety of parts. The design allows a solid grip for different pieces which are placed on different tool walls to perform the cleaning operations: brushing, intensive flooded washing, high pressure water jet deburring, final washing and rinsing.  This machine is a hybrid between the ROBOTFLEX and the ROBOTOOL models: in some stations the pieces are moved by the robot to the tool, in other stations the tools are mounted on the robot’s wrist. Vacuum drying and final cooling of the parts are carried out outside the proposed modular machine on the standard ITF conveyors called “Composyl” (PZR). In the last station there is also a washing station for the pallet. Inside the RAF chamber there are loading and unloading index positions to ensure a fixed and repetitive positioning over time during pick-up and drop-off of the workpiece. Request detailed video of this ultra-performing machine!

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