This plant is designed for washing, high pressure deburring, removal of burrs, rinsing and drying of machined parts. The loading and unloading of the parts will be carried out manually by the operator, but it is also possible to discharge the load with the robot (pick and place) as the conveyor is equipped with index at the two loading and unloading stations. The pallets with the pieces already processed from the unloading position will be automatically returned to the load position with lateral displacement units (number 2), the pneumatic lifting and descent platforms (present in number 4), respectively to the side of the general washing chamber and the vacuum drying chamber. In this closed loop the floating pallets can move freely and, if necessary, be stopped at the required working positions (this pallet recycling is offered as an accessory as the plant can be operated autonomously even with manual return). The washing and drying cycle takes place exclusively within a single plant with the aid of an anthropomorphic IP67 robot and a step – by – step linear conveyor, which has the task of moving the work pieces from one station to another through all the process stations. The pieces reach the treatment stations on floating pallets that carry and expose them to the treatment phases. The presence of multiple robots within the same washing plant depends on several factors: the reachability of the contaminants to be removed, the cycle time, the process proposed according to the “cleanliness” to be obtained, etc.

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