The immersion tank is suitable for washing parts of various types and shapes, inside the tank there are ultrasonic transducers. at the customer’s discretion the ultrasonic transducers can be flanged or immersible. The plant is equipped with the latest generation ultrasounds, which through pre-set data and through the transducer automatically varies the cavitation to optimize cavitation throughout the washing bath. The cavitation phenomenon can be summarized by imagining millions of tiny bubbles which, formed thanks to the ultrasonic waves developed by the transducer, hit the surface and the most hidden corners of the piece to be washed, exploding and imploding thus removing the dirt present on the pieces. Depending on the size and shape of the piece. it can be inserted directly into the tub or into a basket which is in turn inserted into the tub. Depending on the weight or the level of automation required, the tank can be equipped with a pneumatic cylinder that will have the task of inserting or removing the piece / basket in the tank. The washing is performed on a water basis which is based on the use of water based detergent vehicles plus ultrasound to remove the pollutants deposited on the surface of the piece. The removed dirt / contaminant can settle on the bottom of the tank and be removed by the large diameter cleaning valve or can remain in suspension and thus be skimmed by a special ramp that keeps the upper surface of the water clean (possibly connected to a filter system).

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