It is essential for us to support the client throughout the entire process, from the preliminary consulting stages to after-sales assistance. That is why we have structured our maintenance services articulately and completely, ensuring a specific protocol for the requirements of each customer. 

Quick and precise answers, high reactivity even to the most complex demands, maximum professionalism and careful listening are all characteristics of the ITF team. With all our clients, we build professional relationships that are partnerships and never end with the mere supply of the product.

Quality always comes first for us, even in the relationship we develop with those who choose our experience.


Our goal is the complete satisfaction of our Business Partner. Therefore, we treat each request individually and in a personalized way, always with the utmost attention. We consider any instance and need, providing accurate consulting work that we subsequently develop into a customized solution. 

Our team of qualified specialists provides the most effective tools and processes for customer success, improving efficiency, increasing productivity and optimizing time and financial resources.


We handle this phase as a multidisciplinary team that transforms a project idea into a real plan, identifies and compares alternative approaches, develops different solutions and provides various feasibility studies. All our activities are supported by the use of the most advanced information tools and modern virtual simulations to ensure the reliability of our solution. 

In accordance with the goal of our Efficient Engineering, a dedicated group of experts analyzes and formulates specific proposals to ensure a maximally effective response. Once we reach this process step, we then proceed to joint validation with the customer.


Each new project is entrusted to a Product Manager, who is responsible for the planning and implementation of the plant at the production level as well as the interface. The Manager will coordinate with a multidisciplinary team made up of different departments: Sales, Technical and Purchasing, Quality and Production.

The final goal of the industrialization phase is to verify the productivity parameters that contribute to the efficiency of the process.


One of ITF’s biggest strengths is the complete control of each production phase. All systems are built in-house, in a strategic choice that guarantees the highest level of monitoring of the entire manufacturing cycle. That is a trademark of our responsibility. As a result, our solutions leave the factory only after passing strict and scrupulous tests and always end with the client’s full validation.


At ITF we believe that only relationships based on mutual trust can evolve into lasting partnerships. All our clients know they can always count on our support throughout the products’ entire life. 

We provide our customers with a range of ancillary services that include:

  • Online services: we offer remote assistance for all our plants, reducing downtime and guaranteeing prompt interventions. Our online services are provided through specific ethernet connections directly linked to the machines.
  • On-site services: our skilled technicians intervene in person at the system’s installation site, talking directly to the client to resolve any need. 
  • Spare parts center: we ensure the best durability of all our systems by supplying their spare parts and promptly delivering them wherever our clients request them.
  • Repairs: our specialists are always available for repairs on ITF machines. With our timely assistance, we minimize the interruption of our customers’ businesses. 
  • Machine updating and modernization: ITF is always available for updates and modernization interventions on all its systems to favor the productivity and technological evolution of the client company. 
  • Collecting and recycling of existing plants: we collect, exchange and – if necessary – dispose of any machinery present at the client’s site, according to the appropriate legal regulations.

Training and education: we are always available to transfer our know-how and expertise to our Partners’ operators and technicians so that they can get the best out of all our systems.


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