The high flexibility of these washing machines with targets spray nozzles and pallet back-feeding allows cleaning of workpieces with different shapes and machining. The pallet carrying one or more workpieces is driven by a chain transfer and indexed through the working stations. The washing stations can be fixed or mobile. The drying is performed in hot air or under vacuum. The synergy between chemical, thermal and mechanicals actions, helps to create a high pressure washing solution that will collide and remove all the contaminants from your work piece with excellent cleaning result.

Step-by-step tunnel LT-PP
In this loop configuration the pallet feeding back to the loading and unloading areas is provided automatically. A further option is indexing in order to facilitate the machine binding to just-in-time automatic lines. This machine is typically considered a line transfer with loading and unloading on opposing ends.

Floating pallet tunnel LT-PL
The floating pallets take advantage of maximum pallets while assuring high flexibility in workpiece loading and unloading to and from the conveyor. These machines can be installed in or off-line.

With the increasing market standards for a better surface quality in the final product, a reliable and efficient machinery supplier such as I.T.F. becomes an invaluable strategic partner. Every customer’s requirement is unique and that’s why it deserves our full attention. For this reason we offer our efficient Testing Center always at the customer’s disposal to perform process simulations and to verify test quality result. Only when the customer is satisfied with outcome, our technical department will start the engineering proposal to find the perfect balance between the customer’s request and the best technology the state of art can provide, in order to achieve maximum efficiency with the best final result.

The tunnel can be easily inspected thamks to sealing doors installed along the tunnel in correspondence with each washing station, on the opposite side of the water tanks, the pumping system and filtering devices. The standard stainless steel spray manifolds are assembled on adjustable supports that are positioned to achieve maximum treatment accuracy and efficiency. The manifolds are connected to the collectors trough “clamp” joints of fast and easy assembly and disassembly. The spraying of the washing solutions liquids takes place trough special anti-clogging stainless steel nozzles of suitable capacity. The spray pressure is controlled by pressure gauges and in regulated by ball valves with the possibility to individually adjust upper and lower manifolds.

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