HYPERION blasting wheels are designed with a flexibility concept so they can satisfy a wide range of applications, from shot peening to foundry: The wheels are reversible and can spin in both clockwise and anticlockwise direction (same spare parts). They use eight (8) blades to eject the abrasive shots onto the part to be treated. There are two main types of blasting wheels: direct drive type and spindle type with trapezoidal belts according to the application. The applied power range varies from 4 kW to 110 kW. A set of disks with different diameters, combined with the different length of the blades, creates different versions of the blasting wheels from the 330 series to the 500 series. The width of the blades ranges from 50, 75, 100, up to 140 mm. DD series are driven by electric motors applied directly on the support structure.  SP / SPS spindle series are driven by electric motors connected through a belt / pulley transmission system. 

HYPERION blasting wheels are designed to be reliable and resistant. That’s why it was based on a “Heavy Duty” concept idea. The main features are: 

  • Double disk blade holder, to ensure a perfect balance during rotation and to best concentrate the shot flow.
  • The wheel is equipped with eight (8) blades which, compared to the six (6) blades solutions, guarantees a more homogeneous distribution of the shot flow.
  • Blades design can be straight or curved according process specification
  • Universal spare parts regardless of rotation direction.
  • Quick and easy installation of the blades; no need of screws or bolts.
  • The blade rotor disk is accessible from the front side. 
  • All mechanical parts of the wheel are made by tooling machines
  • Impeller and impeller case are designed to minimize friction between the grit and the rotating parts.
  • Control of the direction of the shot stream with extreme simplicity.
  • All the internal elements of the wheel have enough space to be able to use even large size shots without problems.
  • Protection plates made with high thickness anti-wear material (steel X120Mn12.5).
  • Construction of high thickness steel wheel housing for longer life. 

HYPERION blasting wheels have the following advantages:

  • Reduction of maintenance time and maintenance costs
  • Reduction of management costs with increase in productivity
  • Self-locking blades without pins or screws and easily removable with a copper hammer
  • 8 blades wheel for a better distribution of the projected flow and ensures a more uniform rotation balance even with worn out blades
  • The ITF manufacturing processes uses the best materials and the precise weight balance within 3 grams allows a longer life of all mechanical and wear-resistant components (including the spindle or motor bearings)
  • All motors are in energy class IE3 coupled with frequency inverter or soft-start feature
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