Our hermetic circuit solvent cleaning systems are able to carry out the washing and drying treatment completely under vacuum. We use hydrocarbon solvents (isoparaffins) class AIII, which have a degreasing power, lower than the chlorinated solvents (i.e. perchloroethylene), But also have on their side the lowest environmental impact due to the non-belonging to any categories regulated by the VOC regulation on emissions they can face countless possibilities. A major example of employ bearings assembly, is the cleaning in finale stage of bearings, the application of this type of solvent is then compulsory, considering the necessary slight residual greasiness left by the solvent itself on the parts.


The construction with high thickness AISI 304 stainless steel (DIN AISI 1.403) (not like the off-line of laundry machines) allows us to reach high vacuum rates to avoid stressing the solvent and also allows the pieces to dry very quickly. The whole plant cycle; spray stage, immersion with or without ultrasound, solvent vapors and drying, takes place under vacuum, this guarantees the hermetic seal of the plant. Each washing stage is carried out with a clean solvent, in fact, each system is equipped with a double distiller that guarantees solvent is always ready and clean, even for short cycle times. This turns into a continuous washing process and a high consistent washing quality. Vacuum drying prevents airborne particles from contaminating the cleaned parts inside the process chamber in a hermetically sealed environment, therefore extremely clean, since the chamber is also “washed” with each work cycle. The operator will not come into contact with the solvent even during maintenance. All the operations of loading and unloading of the solvent, of drainage take place automatically and the cleaning of the filters takes place with the preventive deodorization. Our construction method is different from our competition in the market because the construction of our work chamber is integrated in the system body (we do not have many tanks and pipes that dissipate heat and in the long run do not guarantee sealing under vacuum conditions). Through our integrated module construction, we use the solvent vapors generated by the distiller to equip the chamber with thermal energy, so we have a continuous distillation and never interrupted, thus reducing the thermal energy used to restore the necessary distillation regime, reducing consumption electrical and always obtaining a greater quantity of vapors for the final phase of the process and for their condensation. The relocation at the customer’s plant after the pre-acceptance tests in our factory, ensure that what is found in pre-testing is actually what is expected and required in the final testing phase and put into production. The system is independent and extremely flexible, since the installation is of the “plug-in” type, being equipped with independent heating and cooling systems therefore does not require further connections for heat sources or cooling water.


Total removal of all types of pollutants from treated (metallic and non-metallic) parts, simple or morphologically complex, equipped with blind and threaded holes, tapped or rolled, planar or with recesses or cavities, up to the microstructure of the sintered material components. We remove organic and non organic, polar and non-polar contaminants and impurities such as: oil (whole and emulsions), lapping oils, polishing pastes, waxes, shavings, powders and particulates, greases, footprints, earth and foundry sands, salts, etc…


Depending on the type of solvent used and the proposed cycle, our systems can optimally clean: AVP, AVZ, Steel, Stainless Steel, Cast Iron, Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Ergal, Plastic materials.


The baskets, once introduced into the treatment chamber,  either manually via the operator or in automatic mode via a device positioned in front of the working chamber, can be moved or be static based on the type of program inserted. It also takes into consideration the conformation or the delicacy of the pieces themselves:

  • The basket, or in the case of systems with multiple baskets, in the working room can be placed:
  • in rotation on the basket axis
  • in tilting with controlled inclination
  • made static, no movement.


  • Completely stainless steel construction
  •  Vacuum operation of each part of the system 
  • Continuous solvent distillation
  • Sludge stripping distiller
  • Ultrasonic transducers for cavitation in immersion
  • Double washing liquid storage tank
  • Integrated spray pumps
  • Vacuum pumps to create the required vacuum regime
  • Total solvent filtration at each cycle
  • Chip drying and deodorizing before emptying by the operator


  • Chip drying and deodorizing before opening/ cleaning by the operator
  • Hermetic washing / liquid loading / unloading system
  • Continuous water separation, with the possibility of continuous automatic discharge
  • Oil separation from the solvent, with the possibility of continuous automatic discharge
  • Cryogenic abatement system
  • Vacuum drying
  • Siemens PLC for managing all the operating parameters of the plant cycle
  • Siemens HMI with continuous indication of system status;
  • Remote connection for ethernet remote assistance
  • Complete integration possibilities within Industry 4.0
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