The purpose of the machine is to clean and degrease the surfaces of the pieces, as well as to remove the blind and through holes, pockets, crevices, internal and external surfaces of the parts.The plant in question is also characterized by its extreme flexibility in cleaning pieces, without the retooling of its washing jets.
The flexibility of the aforementioned system allows it to optimally wash pieces with different shapes and processes. The batch-type washing and drying process with front loading and unloading in an adjacent but separate position and in any case configurable according to your needs. The washing island is made up of a robotic system, with different working chambers placed vertically creating well-shaped working chambers. The task of the anthropomorphic robot will insert and extract the part numbers to be processed inside the various treatment chambers as scheduled. For drying we use a vacuum process placed outside the robot working chamber and with batch-type loading and unloading (enters and exits from the same side) and can be inserted inside a robotic cell with the same robot that takes care of loading and draining the washing system. Passage configuration is possible, to accelerate the cycle time, equipping the system with accessories such as: preheating tunnel, vacuum drying and cooling.

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