The material is loaded appropriately dosed inside the loading hopper of the plant itself, inside the plant carpentry there is the screw conveyor to transport the material through the treatment phases. The rotation of the screw conveyor (conveyor drum) generates a slow stirring of the pieces, while the hot detergent is sprayed at a predetermined pressure, by means of suitably positioned spray nozzles. Various phases can be composed to establish the most suitable washing cycle for the pieces being treated and the contaminated items to be removed (oils, shavings, etc …). In the case of whole oily pollutant, a preliminary pre-washing phase is used, in order to concentrate the oil in the first tank and separate it with a suitable concentrator and then separate it using an external oil separator. Subsequently, after the washing phase, during which the contaminants are eliminated, the pieces are rinsed to eliminate any residual detergent present on the pieces. Each active phase of the treatment (pre-washing, washing, rinsing and possible passivation) is obtained with the aid of specific independent ramps equipped with spray nozzles present inside the drum. Between the three phases there are drainage areas to limit the dragging of the solutions that make up the washing cycle towards the downstream tank. Positioned below the drum there are chutes to convey the solutions into the respective treatment tanks that make up the washing cycle.


This system is conceived for maximum exploitation of the heating source generating vapor. The vapor gives up warmth to the relevant tanks and then condenses thus becoming fresh hot water to be re-used for filling up rinse and degreasing tanks. The most polluted solution is sent to the concentration / boiling tank where the heating unit is placed.

Depure-Rinse benefits:

  • Lower sludge disposal, since the sludge is concentrated in one small-sized tank only.
  • Power consumption reduction by approx. 50%.
  • Inlet fresh water consumption reduction by 70%, since even the evaporation is captured by the condensate dampers.
  • The automatic refill is always performed with fresh water, since it is released by the condensed vapor.
  • Comfortable and quick tank cleaning, since the heating elements are only located in the concentration / boiling tank.
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