The progressive movement of the baskets-holders happens by a transfer chariot controlled by PLC, For the rail are we employ special components having mechanical characteristic over the real needs of the system it is fulfilled of the automation for MULTITRANSFER System.

for the simultaneous translation of the baskets, the MULTITRANSFER System basically composed by a strong bar of stainless-steel able to move all the number of baskets present from load to unload station, through the tanks plus the charging position and make them transfer in the next treatment station, while during the vertical movements it introduces and removes the baskets from various tank positions. Runways manufactured of highest materials quality and reliability over time, intended for pick-and-place handling. They consist of extruded bars with special profiles and hardened by oxidation to resistance over time. The carriage and the vertical bar slide within very high precision guides consisting of supports with inclined rollers with five-year lubrication.

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