Since 1979 I.T.F. is focused in the design, development and production of surface finishing systems. In addition to a wide range of standard systems, we design and manufacture customized systems, according to the customer’s individual needs. Our Engineering department is at your complete disposal to study each different case and describe the various solutions to meet production and quality needs. Growing demands for high standards of high quality of the final product is closely linked to the need for a particularly effective and specific process. The internal know-how as well as the experience acquired in 40 years of activity allow I.T.F. to offer not only the machine or plant in the catalog, but the real solution to determine customer satisfaction both in terms of plant construction and in terms of after-sales support. In our two factories all our products are designed and fully built our systems. Furthermore, since 1997 I.T.F. is the only company in the sector that is the concessionaire of the UCIMU – Association of Italian Machine Tool, Robot and Automation Manufacturers.


For I.T.F. the satisfaction of our Business Partners is our main goal. In this perspective, each request is treated individually and with the utmost attention. Any need of our customers is considered, developed and industrialized. Our team of qualified specialists takes care to provide the right tools and processes to ensure your success. We will help you improve efficiency, increase productivity and optimize time and costs.


In this phase our multidisciplinary team will transform a project idea into a real plan, identify and compare alternative ideas, develop various approaches and provide you with various feasibility studies. In order to ensure the reliability of the solution, all activities are supported by the use of the most modern IT tools as well as virtual simulations. In accordance with the objectives of our Efficient Engineering, a special group of experts will analyze and formulate proposals in order to ensure maximum effectiveness of your solution. The final step of this process is the joint validation with the Client.


The product manager, chosen for each new project, is responsible for the planning and implementation of the plant at the production level as well as for the interface with the multidisciplinary team made up of different departments: commercial, technical, purchases, quality and production.
The target of industrialization activities is the verification of productivity parameters that contribute to the efficiency of the process.


The strength of I.T.F. is full control of every production process. All implants are produced in-house. This choice guarantees the highest level of control of the production cycle and is the trademark of our responsibility. The machines and systems leave the factory only after scrupulous and severe tests that result in the final validation by the customer.


In I.T.F. we do believe that only a relationship based on mutual trust can guarantee a lasting partnership.
You can count on our support during every stage of the product’s life.
We guarantee:

  • pre-tests and validation tests
  • online services
  • on-site services
  • spare parts center
  • repair services
  • updating and modernization of machines
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