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- Global presence for a better service

One of the world’s leader surface finishing companies with exceptional expertise in the areas of cleaning, deburring and blasting.

Integrated process engineering for cost effective turn-keys solution.

I.T.F. has always been an example of Italian industry excellence in the field of surface treatment and finishing, since its foundation in 1979. With more than 6.600 units of machineries installed all over the world and many innovative patents in the portfolio, I.T.F. keeps improving the industry standards by offering high technology integrated solution for industrial washing, shot-peening and deburring process. The know-how and on field experience, acquired during decades of constant activity, allow to provide the most suitable and efficient solution for each manufacturing plant, in compliance with enviromental and operator safety laws. Thanks to the companies of I.T.F. Group, we can offer more than just a product but integrated solution and services.

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